People dutifully wash their mouth in the morning and at night before going to bed.  Few of these people take the time to clean their tongue.  This is a big shame as tongues will need cleaning too.  The tongues surface is covered by small bumps called the papillae.  The the sweet taste of ice cream and the bitter taste of chilly will be detected by the taste buds in the tongue.  In addition to the papillae being responsible for the taste, it houses bacteria, food particles and also dead skin.


You Don't  need a specialized equipment not to make sure your tongue is clean but having a tongue scrapper can work best.  For the person who gag easily, a tongue scraper is the best option for them.  To be able to clean your teeth correctly,you will have to reach the back of your tongue since that is the part  that will house more bacteria, food particles, and dead skin.  T his will be easier when using a tongue scrapper.  A tongue scrapper can be purchased at a drug store or online.  There are tongue scrapers that are made of plastic and are not expensive.  With a little more you can find stainless steel tongue scraper.  A stainless steel tongue scraper lasts longer and is the perfect option when cleaning your teeth. 


A a tongue scraper will enable you to launch the tongue cleaning scrapper.  To be able to clean your tongue comfortably you will have to place the tongue scraper at the back of your tongue as you can comfortably can.  While advance the tongue scrapper and pressing it gently on the tongue with your mouth wide open will  be the commencement of your tongue cleaning.  Clean the scraper to clean the tongue scrapper and remove the debris.  Water should be used to clean the tongue scraper to remove the debris. Learn about northbrook dental here!


Without application of much pressure, repeat the process on a different not part of the tongue and make sure you rinse the tongue scraper after each scraping.  After the process of tongue scraping, clean your mouth with warm water and use mouth wash.  Do not use a lot of force when cleaning the tongue as you can damage the taste buds.



Alternatively, you can use a gentle tooth brush when cleaning your tongue and not use a lot of pressure.  After each brush, clean the tooth brush in warm water.  Clean your mouth with warm water and use mouth wash after this.  After cleaning, examine your tongue to make sure it looks clean and healthy.  A the doctor should be consulted if there is a white coating on your tongue after the brushing.  In order to maintain a high oral health, you should clean your tongue properly as this will avoid bad breath too.  Bad the breath will be due to the smelly substances produced by bacteria in the mouth. Contact northbrook dentist to know more!